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The songs of love, passion, longing, desire, separation and union from the 19 th century stylised with vocal techniques from the classical repertoire with its roots firmly embedded in the folk music, forms a distinct identity for itself. Popularised in the music houses and royal courts of Benaras and Awadh but performed all across north India this form now enjoys the modern music stage in concert halls performed alongside " khayal "
The Thumree genre has a variety of musical forms of which the following are presented in this CD.
Bandish ki Thumree- Melodic emotive expression in the medium tempo
Bol banao Thumree - slow and reposeful form of melodic emotive expression
Dadra- fast and coquettish with a metric cadence
Hori- romantic love play during the colour festival of holi
Jhoola- the Swing
Chaiti- the trauma of separation in the post harvest season

Product Uniqueness :

  • Beautiful selection of Thumris which also are rendered very beautifully.
  • Ultimate sound quality of the recording.
Artiste Detail :
Dr Ashwin Kalbag
Dr Ashwin Kalbag ( MD, FRCA ) lives and works in London, United Kingdom and is a medical doctor who 
persues a career as a consultant in  Anaesthesia and pain medicine.

Hindustani classical music and specifically the Thumri genre being his passion,  he has trained in India 
from a young age with Gurus such as Pandit Prabhakar Karekar, Vidushi Dr Aneeta Sen and
stalwarts of Thumree from the Benaras gharana, such as Pandit Pashupatinath Mishra. 
He currently continues his training under Padmabhushan Pandit Channulal Mishra. 
Accompanying Artiste :
Amit Mishra : Tabla
Dhyaneshar Sonawane : Harmonium
Sandeep Mishra : Sarangi
Track List : 
1. Bandish ki Thumree - Mishra Khamaj
2. Dadra- Mishra Kafi
3. Hori- Mishra Madhyam Se Gara
4. Dadra- Mishra Bhairav
5. Jhoola- Mishra Pilu
6. Chaiti- Mishra Pahadi
7. Bol Banao Thumree- Mishra Bhairavi


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