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Artiste Details :
Neha is one of the leading exponents of North-Indian semi-classical musicHer rich repertoire consists of Thumri, Dadra, Chaiti, Hori, Kajri & Jhoola. She also specializes in singing Ghazal & Bhajan.
Gifted with a naturally sonorous and solful voice, Neha follows the Poorab ang gayaki of her guru and idol, Smt. Shobha Gurtu, the unparalleled queen of Thumri.
Neha is a sangeet Visharad from Bhartiya Vidya bhavan  and has trained under Smt Shashikala Kaikini,  Smt. Zarine Mirza, Smt. Shampa Pakrashi , Shubha Joshi and senior Thumri exponent Smt. Kaumudi Munshi.
Recipient of the prestigious title of ‘Sur-Mani’ from Sur Singar Samsad, Neha has given numerous concerts in all over India as well as in the US and UK. Among the most prestigious of concerts that she has given are…
·      Sahitya Kala Parishad Thumri Festival (New Delhi) - 2016
·      Khazana (Mumbai) – A concert of Ghazals featuring the best Ghazal singers from all over the country – 2014
·      NCPA – 2012
·      VSK Baithak - 2015
·      Bade Ghulam Ali Yadgaar Sabha (Mumbai)
·      Ustad Faiyaz Khan Smruti Samaroh (Baroda)
·      Nehru Centre (London)
Neha has also lent her voice to Films, Television & Advertisement Jingles
Taking inspiration from her guru Neha envisages to popularize this art-form all over the world through her singing.
Thumri is one of the most enchanting forms of Semi-Classical music.  The Sringar Ras predominates in Thumri and it is the pangs of separation rather than joys of union that are potrayed.
Jaao Balam Naahi Bolo – Thumri
This Thumri sung in Mishra Khamaj captures the mood of the Khandita Nayika .
‘Sanvariya Pyara Re’ - Dadra
A sub-genre of Thumri, Dadra is a light song set to a relatively fast tempo. The Dadra sung here ‘Sanvariya Pyara Re’ shows influence of folk music from Uttar Pradesh
The Dadra ‘Savariya Pyara Re’ is a Stylised form of the  folk  of Uttar Pradesh.
Sanvariya Aajo Mhara Des - Bhajan
This Meera bhajan in Raag Parameshwari depicts the mood of Meera longing to see Krishna and to ultimately merge with the divine.
Kajri is another Thumri sub genre which  potrays pangs of separation on the backdrop of the monsoon.
The Hori  written by ‘Shyam-das’ captures the mood of the Holi festival -
Shaji Hyderabadi’s  Ghazal –  Urdu poetry composed in Raag  Jansamohani by Thumri Exponent Smt. Shobha gurtu.
Accompanying Artiste :
  • Kishor Pande - Tabla
  • Manoj Desai and Aditya Oke - Harmonium
  • Sandeep Mishra - Sarangi

Track List :

  • Thumri - 14:02
  • Hori - 09:30
  • Bijuriya - 07:40
  • Sawariya - 07:21
  • Ghazal  - 08:32
  • Bhajan - 11:25

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