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Shree Durga Sapta Shati Pathan

Shree Durga Sapta Shati Pathan
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The Durga Saptasati also known as Chandi Path is a compilation of 700 slokas or verses in which the whole universal facts are embedded. These mantras are 700 in number, spreading across 13 chapters of the Markandeya Purana. These chapters worship the greatness of Goddess Durga, Goddess Mahalakshmi and Saraswati. It is a well versed text which has to be recited during Durga Navratri. Durga Saptashati tells everything of this world and explains what man should do and what makes him to reach salvation. By performing the Durga Devi Path, the sufferings that are caused by hostile elements, are eradicated.

Product Uniqueness :

  •   Traditional treatment to each Shloks so as to give it authentic feeling.
  •   Beautiful Sound Quality, giving a feel of listening live to the Listener.

Artiste Details :
Shree Mahadev Vaishampayan

 Shree Mahadev Vaishampayan is 4th generation scholar in the lineage of family of Sanskrit scholars, He has deep knowledge of "Ved" and Vedantas. He is a also an expert Astrologer and consults very regularly in astrology and appears as the expert in Vedic Astrology in many TV channels in various popular shows. 

Track List : 

01 Prastavana 02 Sankalpa
03 Ganapati Guru Devi Smaran 04 DeepPujan
05 Shapoddhar Mantra 06 Utkeelan Mantra
07 Chandi Kavach 08 Argala Stotra
09 Kilak Stotra 10 Navarna Mantra Japa Dhayn
11 Manasopachar Pooja 12 Navarna Jap Mantra
13 Ratri Sukta 14 Maala Mantra
15 Saptashati Ahdyay 1 16 Saptashati Ahdyay 2
17 Saptashati Ahdyay 3 18 Saptashati Ahdyay 4
19 Saptashati Ahdyay 5 20 Saptashati Ahdyay 6
21 Saptashati Ahdyay 7 22 Saptashati Ahdyay 8
23 Saptashati Ahdyay 9 24 Saptashati Ahdyay 10
25 Saptashati Ahdyay 11 26 Saptashati Ahdyay 12
27 Saptashati Ahdyay 13 28 Uttarannyas
29 Devi Sukta 30 NavarnaMantra
31 Praadhanik Rahasya 32 VaikrutikRahasya
33 Murti Rahasya 34 Utkeelan Mantra
35 Prarthana 36 Astottar Shat NaamPooja
37 Aarti 38 Mantrapushpanjali


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