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Shlokansah Shree Dnyaneshwari

Shlokansah Shree Dnyaneshwari
Shlokansah Shree Dnyaneshwari
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Shrimad Dnyaneshwari is well known and well reputed comentary on Shrimad Bhagwadgeeta by well reputed sain Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. He is considered to be foundation of the "Varkari Panth" a school of philosophy widely followed mainly in Maharastra, India. Shrimad Dnyaneshwari is considered a holy text in the society and is followed by large mass.This recording has full text of Shrimad Dnyaneshwari narrated in a very traditional method. In this recording the original verse (Shlok) from Dnyaneshwari is narrated first and then related "Ovi" the verse from Shrimad Dnyaneshwari are rendered.
We hope this rendition give full satisfaction to the listeners.

Product Uniqueness :
  • Entire Dnyaneshwari in Audio format.
  • The speed of the Shloks recited in this CD helps the listener to understand the shlok easily.
  • Traditional and authentic pattern used to recite the Shloks.
Artiste Detail :
Rajendra Vaishampayan

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