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Sampurna Gurucharitra

Sampurna Gurucharitra
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Product Details :
Sampurna GuruCharitra is a holy book for Datta Sampradaya devotees. This book includes the life story of Shri Narasimha Saraswati, his philosophy and related stories. Some people regard the book to be historically important as it depicts stories or events which took place around the 14th Century. The standard copy of this book was edited by Mr. Ramchandra Krishna Kamat.

Product Uniqueness :
  • Enitre Gurucharitra in the form of Parayan in Audio format.
  • Pace and Vocabulary of the recitation is done in an authentic manner.
  • Ultimate sound quality of the recording.
Artiste Details :
Shri Rajendra Vaishampayan
 Shri Rajendra Vaishampayan is amongst the very few wellknown Versatile Artiste. Being a young entrepreneur, he also has expertise and talents such has Solo Samwadini Player, Tabla artiste, Writer, Poet, Voice Over artiste, Recording Engineer and Composer. He also has inclination towards Indian Literature and Culture.
Track List : 
Day 1
Adhyay 01 To Adhyay 09
Day 2
Adhyay 10 To Adhyay 21
Day 3
Adhyay 22 To Adhyay 29
Day 4
Adhyay 30 To Adhyay 35
Day 5
Adhyay 36 To Adhyay 38
Day 6
Adhyay 39 To Adhyay 43
Day 7
Adhyay 44 To Adhyay 53

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