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Sampurn Navnath Bhaktisar

Sampurn Navnath Bhaktisar
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Shree Navnath Bhakti-Saar is holy scripture. It features descriptive stories of every incarnation occurred in Nath Community.  
According to Nath-devotees, all nine majesties in Nath community are the spiritual incarnations of Nav-narayans on behest of Lord Krishna. Nath- worshippers believe that by devotionally listening to Shree Navnath Bhakti-Saar, one obtains redempting as well as worldly benefits.

This CD contains entire Shree Navnath Bhakti-Saar (Parayan Prath) in Audio format.  The set is of 7 CDS, comprising complete Navnath scripture.  It will be helpful for those who perform Parayans or Navnath Sapthah.

Product Uniqueness : 
  • Every CD contains specific Adhyayas related to that particular Day in Sapthah.
  • The speed of Shlokas recited in these CDs helps the listener to understand the each Shloka easily.
  • Traditional and authentic pattern used to recite the Shlokas. 
Artiste Details : 
Rajendra Vaishampayan
Track List : 
Day 1
Adhyay 01 To Adhyay 06
Day 2
Adhyay 07 To Adhyay 12
Day 3
Adhyay 13 To Adhyay 18
Day 4
Adhyay 19 To Adhyay 24
Day 5
Adhyay 25 To Adhyay 30
Day 6
Adhyay 31 To Adhyay 36
Day 7
Adhyay 37 To Adhyay 40

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