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Reviving Tradition Rajendra Vaishampayan

Reviving Tradition Rajendra Vaishampayan
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Product Details :
Reviving Traditions is an audio series of the artistes who are Gems of Indian Classical Music. Rajendra Vaishampayan is one such artiste. In this CD Rajendra has played Ahir Bhairav, Shyam Kalyan, Purya Dhanashreee, Gavati, Narayani, Mishr Khamaj, Mishra Pahadi, Bhairavi on samwadini.
Product Uniqueness :
  Beautiful tone of Samvadini and played exceptionally great.
  Ultimate sound quality of the recording.
Artiste Detail :
Rajendra Started learning Tabla at the age of five. About twelve years thereafter, he came in contact with Pandit Manohar Chimote - who improved the harmonium to play solo performances, created his own style of playing and renamed the instrument as 'Samvadini'. The influence of 'Samvadini' and his Guru Pandit Manohar Chimote, inspired him to learn Samvadini. He started taking lessons on technique of Samvadini playing under the tutelage of Panditji at the age of 17.
Rajendra while doing his engineering in computer science, also dove into the intricacies of music in general and specifically Samvadini playing. Having realized the potential and capability of Samvadini as a solo instrument proven by Panditji and his new technique of playing the instrument, Rajendra has been practicing rigorously to master the instrument.
Rajendra's mission is to continue popularizing Samvadini as solo performing instrument, an initiative which his Guru adopted as his life mission.
Accompanying Artiste :
Prasad Padhye - Tabla
Track List :
01 Ahir Bhairav
02 Shyam Kalyan
03 Purya Dhanashreee
04 Gavati
05 Narayani
06 Mishr Khamaj
07 Mishra Pahadi
08 Bhairavi

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