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Relaxing Santoor

Relaxing Santoor
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Brand: Sonic Octaves Pvt. Ltd.
Product Code: SO-2016-002
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Product Details :
This CD contains Relaxation music played on Santoor  with different nature sounds in background.

Product Uniqueness :
  • Soothing sound of the santoor.
  • Each track resembles completely different mood, which are suited best for Relaxation.

Artiste Details :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Varada was born and brought up in Warananagar where she got her first inspiration in music at the famous " Warana Childern's Orchestra". She learnt the basics of  music under the disciplined guidance of Hon. Late Shankarrao Kulkarni and Hon. Shri Walawalkar. She learnt different instrumental like Santoor, Jaltarang, Sitar, Harmonium, Violin, ect. A few years later Varada was fortunate to get introduced to the great santoor maestro of india Pt. Ulhas Bapat.

Tracks List : 

  • Echos of Valley ( Based on Pahadi dhun)
  • Windy fall morning ( Based on Raga Hansadhwani)
  • Waiting for sunrise ( Based on Raga Thodi )
  • In the zen temple ( Based on Raga Bhoop)
  • Down the memory lane ( Based on Raga Mistra Mand)
  • Wandering thoughts ( Based on Raga Jog)
  • Following sweet steps ( Based on Raga Zinjhoti)
  • Listening the inner voice ( Based on Raga Abhogi)
  • Journey thought chakras ( Based on Raga Bhairavi)

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