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Pt. Shridhar Parsekar Vol - 1

Pt. Shridhar Parsekar Vol - 1
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Artist Details:

He was a musician and a composer of the highest class. 
A disciple of Gajananrao Joshi, Shridhar Parsekar took extensive taleem from Gajananrao Joshi with his gurubandhu Shri Chandrakant Shetye. Both became close friends from the age of 18 and performed together several times. Later both joined AIR Bombay as a staff artist when Ustad Alla Rakha was also a staff member there. Later Shri Shetye joined AIR Baroda. He subsequently started taking advanced lessons from the famous singer and teacher Khansaheb Khadim Husain Khan of the Agra gharana. Khansaheb Natthan Khan and Anwar Husain Khan also contributed to his training .. 
Pt. Parsekar played duets with Pt. Ravi Shankar and Ustad Vilayat Khan. He was a tayyar and sweet violinist having excellent presentation. 
Young Shridhar used to play the clarinet in a band in Bardes, Goa. Parsekar could play almost every instrument used in the band expertly, but what he really wanted to play was the organ that accompanied stage musicals. Besides the harmonium, he was also adept at playing the Tabla and the Jaltarang. 
In 1939, he stepped into the world of films as a music composer. Shridhar also composed Marathi songs for record companies like HMV & Odeon. Many famous singers recorded songs for him. He began composing for plays starting with Rangnekar's "Kanyaadaan". At the same time he was doing music for films too. 
Track List:
  • Raga DESI TODI  :  16.32 Min. 
  • Raga MIYA MALHAR  :  23.37 Min. 
  • RagaDHUN  :  12.39 Min. 
  • RagaBHAIRAVI   :  19.32 Min. 


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