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Pt. Pannalal Ghosh Vol - 6

Pt. Pannalal Ghosh Vol - 6
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Track LIst:

  • Yaman   -   27:22
  • Sindhura   -   21:17
  • Khamraj   -   14:26
  • Mishra Piloo   -   14:20

Artist Details:
Pt.Pannalal Ghosh is the pioneer who gave the flute a prestigious status as one of the most important traditional solo instruments of the Indian music. During the formative phase of his musical career, he came under the influence of Gurudev Robindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam.He received initial training from Shri Khushi Mohammed Khan and theresfter under Pt.Girija Shankar Chakraboty. But the strongest influence on the development of his music came from the systametic training under the legendary Ustad Allauddin Khan.
The tiny floke flute was transformed by Pannababu into a novel Bamboo flute.He Innovated the 32Inches long flute with 7 holes for manipulation by fingers suitable for playing Indian Classical Music. He is also accredited with the creation of special bass flute and also introduced six stringed Tanpura, high pitched Tanpuri and Surpeti. As a composer and conductor of National Orchestra at All India Radio, he will be remembered forever for his significant contribution. Pannababu's music direction and Flute playback in the film music will go a long way and will be remembered by every music connoisseur forever. His innovation of self composed Ragas is a commandable work of creativity in Indian Classical Music. Today, Flute has became an inspirable componenet of every form of Indian Music for which the credit goes to Pannababu only.

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