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Vyaktimatva Vikas

Vyaktimatva Vikas
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Brand: Sonic Octaves Pvt. Ltd.
Product Code: MKT-14-003
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Product Details :
This Audio Book contains the 25 theories of how to develop your personality. Every theory is then elaborated in arounf 15 mins, so that to understand it completely. This audiobook promises to change your life if you listen to it at least 4 times. It's called the "Life Changing Text'. This audiobook after it's launched have become the largest selling audiobook in Maharashtra selling over 10,000 copies in just 7 months. This personality development text is the base of almost all the speeches and programs of modern gurus and lecturers. This one is the core and pure.  

Product Uniqueness :
This audio book is a 450 Mins. journey through an inspirational tunnel. "THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND IT WILL NOW" is the tagline of the product and it actually does it. Our call center have actually received call at 12 in midnight and odd hours just to thank us for this product and they praised the product as if they have got a total new dimension to their life. Some of them purchased multiple copies to gift it to their loved ones and friends! We are proud to have this product in our folio.

Artiste Details :
Nachiket Devasthali the renown voice over artist in Mumbai & Pune circuit  has lend his voice as Swami Vivekananda and the music is composed by Zee Saregama winner 2013 (National) Jasraj Joshi.

Track List :
1 Vyaktimatva Khare Mahatvache 13 Jagavar Upkar Karane
2 Vyaktimatva Vikasacha Niyam 14 Nihswarthacha Yash Deyil
3 Vyaktimatva Vikasache Vividha Sthar 15 Premach Sarvakahi Dete
4 Manusyache Divyatva 16 Durbalta Hach Mrutu
5 Sukhaprapti He Dheya Navhe 17 Shoor Bana
6 Charitrya Kase Ghadavae 18 Aatmavishvas
7 Vicharancha Prabhav 19 Anukaran Taala
8 Nakaratmak Vicharana Kabut Theva 20 Nitishastra
9 Pratham Swatahat Parivartan Aana 21 Dheyala Chikatun Raha
10 Sampurna Jababdari Swathavar Gyaa 22 Ekagratechi Shkati
11 Karma Kase Karave ? 23 Samatva Budhhi Vikasit Kara
12 Maalakapramane Karma Karave 24 Mukta Vha
  25 Phude Chala


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