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Product Details :
Geetai is a one of the Holy books in the Hindu Literature. Geetai is written by a social reformer and a Guru Acharya Shri. Vinoba Bhave.

Product Uniqueness :
  • Entire Geetai in Audio format.
  • All the Shlokas chanted in a traditional and authentic way.
  • Ultimate sound quality of Recording.
Artiste Detail :
Track List :
01 Geetai Adhyay-01 02 Geetai Adhyay-02
03 Geetai Adhyay-03 04 Geetai Adhyay-04
05 Geetai Adhyay-05 06 Geetai Adhyay-06
07 Geetai Adhyay-07 08 Geetai Adhyay-08
09 Geetai Adhyay-09 10 Geetai Adhyay-10
11 Geetai Adhyay-11 12 Geetai Adhyay-12
13 Geetai Adhyay-13 14 Geetai Adhyay-14
15 Geetai Adhyay-15 16 Geetai Adhyay-16
17 Geetai Adhyay-17 18 Geetai Adhyay-18

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