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Dhrupad Vol - 1

Dhrupad Vol - 1
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Brand: Meera Music
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  • YAMAN      75.44 

Artist Details:
Pt. S.C.R. Bhat & Pt. K. G. Ginde were among the senior most disciples of Acharya S. N.Ratanjankarji. Their presentation was as impressive as their Guru. Both of them were the products of Bhatkhande Music College at Lucknow and were among the stalwarts personally groomed by Acharya Ratanjankarji in the Guru-Shishya Parampara. Their Jugalbandi was an ecstatic experience not only for music lovers but also for senior connoisseurs. While performing together it was always the Raga and the Bandish that was of prime importance for them. Their voices and minds were at such a level of complete unification that at times it was difficult to tell where one left and the other picked up. They shared an exceptionally beautiful rapport and a deep understanding which made then complement each other in a way that was rare. Their Jugalbandi was not just two maestros who would get totally lost in the music but each and everyone who listened to their divine music as well. 

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