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Dhrupad Dhamar Vol - 4

Dhrupad  Dhamar Vol - 4
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This cd contains lecture - Demonstarion by Pandit K.G.Ginde

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Pt. K. G. Ginde was one of the stalwarts who dedicated his entire life and selfless service for the cause of music. As a child prodigy, he was initiated in music by his elder brother Dr. Ram Ginde (an eminent neuro-surgeon) at the tender age of four and gave his first performance at the age of SL'( years. He was put under the tutelage of Acharya S. N. Ratanjankar from the age of ten and was fortunate to receive intensive training for over thirty years. He was gifted with a photo-genie memory to remember more than 2500 compositions by heart at any point of time. He attained eminence as an erudite scholar and a versatile performer and could render Dhrttpad-Dhamar, Thumari, Tappa and Tarana with equal ease and command. An academician by temperament and training, Pt. Ginde's services were sought by many universities including Mumbai as an examiner and on their advisory and course committees. His enormous contribution to Indian Music was recognized with many Awards including Sangeet Natak Academy and honoringDoctrate. 


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