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Aaji Aajobanchya Goshti Vol - 2 (Audio)

Aaji Aajobanchya Goshti Vol - 2 (Audio)
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Product Code: SO-2011-012
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Product Details:
This is an Audio CD for Kids. This CD contains 11 stories narrated by Grandpa and Grandma to their grand children. These stories are the traditional stories narrated in Marathi. These stories are the ones that have been passed from generations to generations. Hearing stories as told by Grandparents not only enriches children imagination but also help them bond with elders which also creates a strong foundation for their emotional growth.

Product Uniqueness:
  • Interesting and lively method of storytelling by real Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Appropriate background music which enriches overall story sharing experience.
Artiste Detail:
Vijaya Vaishampayan & Waman Vaishampayan
Track List : 
01 Phuktam Phaaktam 02 Murkha Beduk
03 Undaraachi Topi 04 Gotu Compoundcha Rang
05 Vishwaasu Mungoose 06 Do Do Dukraache kaan
07 Ekaawe Janaache Karaawe Manaache 08 Maakad Aani Magar
09 Singhani Keli Unkaarachi Fed 10 Aswal Wa Don Mitra
11 Aagyadhaarak Saagar  


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