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Amrutanubhav is a composition by the Marathi saint and poet "Sant Dnyaneshwar" during the 13th century. It is considered to be a milestone in Marathi literature.Amrutanubhav is composed of two Marathi words Amrut (derived from Amrita which translates as immortal Elixir in Sanskrit) and Anubhav meaning experience. As a result, it literally translates to "The elixir of experience" or even "the experience of elixir" in Sanskrit/ Marathi. On advise from his Guru Nivruttinath Shree "Sant Dnyaneshwar" created an original work to state his experiences in Yoga and Philosophy. Although the work did not achieve as much fame as Dnyaneshwari, it is still considered as one of the most important ones in Marathi literature. This work was to be Dnyaneshwar's last as he soon announced his intention to take on the state of a Sanjeevan Samadhi

Product Uniqueness :
  • Entire Amrutanubhav in Audio format.
  • Traditional and authentic pattern used to recite the Shloks.
Artiste Detail :
Rajendra Vaishampayan
Track List :
01 Shivshakti Samavesh
02 Shreegurustavan
03 Vacharun Parihar
04 Dyanadyan Bhed Kathan
05 Sachhidanand Padtray Vivaran
06 Shabd Khandan
07 Adyan Khandan
08 Dyan Khandan
09 Jivamukt Dasha Kathan
10 Granthparihar


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