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About Us

Who we are :

Sonic Octaves have Highly Qualified and Professional Management Team and Highly ambitious team with ‘Can Do’ approach We have a Huge Experience in art, music, entertainment domain. We have best Innovative Products and Services offerings along with 24 * 7 Availability of Production Facility. We have Access to Large network of Artistes.
Vision Statement:
To be the global market leader in the art, media and entertainment industry by producing innovative and quality products which would help improve the emotional stability and fulfillment of life of its consumers and which would help improve social and financial quality of life of its producers.
Mission Statement:
To create business opportunities for the producers of art, media and entertainment contents by innovating economically viable business models to produce, market, sell and distribute these contents in order to provide sustainable financial growth for all company’s stakeholders.
Our Goals :
Our Aim is to Reform Art Industry in India
To Revitalize economic and social status of Artistes pursuing Art as career at grass root level
To Bring in fresh and professional approach to business of art production, art promotion and artistes promotion.
To Reform the way art is being consumed currently. Bring in new views, new approaches to appreciation and consumption of art at the grass root level.
To Reform economic status of the producers (meaning artistes and craftsman) of art form , so as to give them the fair compensation for their artistic skills


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